Hardware Store Healing

I had stopped into my local hardware store down where I work to grab a few things for a project. I love old mom and pop hardware stores that have anything you could possibly need so I grabbed my parts, paid and then browsed around for about 45 minutes.

The Lord told me that the woman behind the counter, that checked me out, had back pain. I made my way back to the register and struck up conversation about just enjoying the fact that this style of store was still around and the selection at the store was fantastic when i finally asked her if she was having any back pain or if her back has been bothering her in any way. She, along with another man working for the store, stood puzzled by my question. She replied that she did, in fact, have back pain and it has been bothering her for a while. I told her about Jesus and what He has been doing in my life and the miracles that are happening when people of God step out, much as I was, and share His truth and love. I asked if i could pray for her quickly and she said “Sure!”, so i grabbed her hand and just asked the Lord to touch her back and remove whatever was causing the pain. The pain left her entirely; I blessed them and left the store while seeing a few people, out of the corner of my eye, stunned by what happened.

I was just picking up a few items at the hardware store but I carry the Kingdom of God with me everywhere I go and so can you.

What are your thoughts?