Waiter Healed of Childhood Injury

My whole family got together for lunch after church on Sunday at BW3’s like we always do. We get everyone seated and our waiter comes to grab everyone’s drinks and appetizers like any other day. We get all the drinks and the few appetizers that we ordered down on the table and the Lord tells me that our waiter had some pain in his shoulder and He wanted to heal him. I took our mealtime to process what God wanted to do and I just became more and more aware of him as we ate. Our waiter was very intense and quick to help with anything that we needed, we even had some issues with our orders and he apologized repeatedly for the mistakes and promised he would make it right before promptly running off to the kitchen. I began to see more than just shoulder pain in this young man as the meal went on.

We already had our checks and I decided to stand up and go looking for him. I find him waiting by the bar and he did not hesitate to rush over to me and ask what I was in need of. I told him a little bit about what Jesus was doing in and through me to reach people who He deeply loved and I asked him about the pain in his shoulder. To my amazement, he started explaining immediately that it was a childhood injury that he has dealt with his whole life and never once asked me how I knew his shoulder was hurting. I told him that God was going to heal his shoulder right on the spot if he would let me pray for him. I began to pray for pain to leave and the pain left his body completely. He was blown away! I felt more on my heart that God wanted me to encourage him with partaining to value, skill and work ethic that I could tell struck a major chord with him as I was praying. When I finished praying, he embraced me in a full on hug and thanked me for praying for him.

People need to know that there is a God that is thinking about them 24/7 and loves them more than they can possibly comprehend.

Just say “Yes” when He asks you to be His hands and feet.


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