Hand Healed of Cyst

I got a call from one of our employees at work requesting a more ergonomic keyboard to help with some issues that he was facing with his hand. I asked him what happened and he told me that he developed a cyst in his hand and was on muscle relaxers for it because it was painful to type. I ordered his keyboard but asked if I could pray for him.

I called his cell phone and moved to a more private area of the office and I began to tell him all about the great things that Jesus has been doing in my life and that I believe God would heal his hand if we prayed. He said “ok”. The Lord told me that the cyst was in his left hand so I told him what I heard and he said “yes it is” and I asked him to place his other hand on top of the cyst.

I asked for Holy Spirit to fill him up and make His presence known to him. I began to pray that the cyst would go away in the name of Jesus and this employee told me that he could feel tingling in his hand and warmth in his body. I got so excited and told him that it was Holy Spirit working inside of him and healing his hand. We prayed a few times over his hand the cyst completely disappeared! You could both see and feel the cyst prior to praying and he could not find it after Jesus healed him.

He has since stopped taking the muscle relaxers and is able to type like normal again!

What are your thoughts?