A Limitless God

I left from my desk to walk the floor at work because I felt like the Lord wanted to do something. I went from station to station just asking God for a word or impression about someone so that I could pray for them but I wasn’t getting anything. I decided to continue what I originally set out to do but instead of finding some supernatural inspiration, I just went up to some of the line workers and asked how the day was going and if there was anything I could do for them. It felt good just showing them that someone was thinking about them and cared how they were doing.

I ran into a young lady as I was passing through our plastic room separators and I asked how her day was going. She mentioned that it wasn’t going so well because the machine was acting up and proceeded to tell me some of the issues they were facing. I got the impression that she felt she needed to explain what was going on because I was from the corporate office. I received a word of knowledge about her getting really intense headaches that have been around for a while. I asked her if she had really bad headaches and she said “not so much headaches as much as intense migraines” as she lifted her hair net to reveal a scar from an accident she had a while ago that she believed to be the source of these recurring migraines. I asked her if I could pray for her and she said “yes” and the Lord began to reveal to me all these very detailed things about her life, her calling, her daughter and even some of the brokenness she was carrying from her past that Jesus wanted to restore. She said she could feel tingling and warmth all over her body. I told her that it was Holy Spirit working on her and she was totally safe. I prayed over the migraines as well as those specific things the Lord revealed to me and she recommitted her life to Christ today! I am so anxious to follow up with her next week to hear about all the migraines she doesn’t have and to see what the Lord is doing in her life.

It didn’t end there.

I made my way back to the HR office to make sure I had this young ladies name correct so that i could follow up with her when 2 women knocked on the HR window and asked for me specifically, one being our companies Spanish translator. I was stunned! The other woman at the window was 100% Spanish speaking only and our company translator said that this beautiful Spanish woman saw me ministering to the other young lady and asked me for prayer. I pulled them both into the office for a little bit of privacy and just began to feel out how Holy Spirit was going to work in this situation as I have never experienced a translator before, let alone having one translate a prayer for me. This woman had severe back pain and asked if I would pray for healing. This woman was a Christ follower and believed in the power of God so I worked out a little system with our translator on how I wanted to pray and we partnered together, in faith, to see a breakthrough in her back. I needed this woman to know that the same Holy Spirit that lives in me is the same Holy Spirit that lives in her and that Jesus was going to heal her. She began to pray in Spanish on her own so I began to pray in English. 2 tongues praying and believing in 1 God. I commanded the pain in her back to leave in the name of Jesus when the Lord told me that she had disks that were out of alignments in her back causing the pain. I felt confident in the word I was given so I just commanded the disks in her back to be restored to proper order and get back into alignment. I then leaned over to ask the translator if she could ask this woman if she had issues with disks in her back and the translator didn’t respond. I asked again and I still didn’t get a response. I asked again if she would please ask her if she had issues with slipped disks in her back and I opened my eyes to the translator, currently in shock, telling me “I don’t need to ask her because she is praying the same prayer you are”. My mouth dropped to the floor! The Lord restored this woman’s back and she had NO pain anymore! Praise God!

All I could do was cry tears of joy and run around the office sharing what God had done!

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to be used in this capacity and I know there is so much more to come.

What are your thoughts?