Head Injury Healed

I arrived at work to find out that someone had hit their head on a piece of machinery and had a major headache coupled with triple vision. I immediately went back to check on her (not my job) and asked how she was doing. She wasn’t feeling the best but didn’t ask for medical attention so, naturally, I told her how I believe the situation was wanting to be handled by my God. I told her that Jesus was going to take her headache away, restore her vision and allow her to think straight again so she could return to work.

She didn’t fight me over it and said “OK” so I began to pray asking God to touch her in a way that only He could and then the Lord told me that she loves to draw. I asked her if she draws and she said, “Yes I do”, so I just began to tell her the Lord was going to give her new drawings, ideas and creative concepts that she has never had before and He was going to release them to her while we prayed. I was also told, by God, that she had both boys and girls at home (her children) and that she was going to display to them what is meant to walk like Christ. She began to tell me nothing but negative things about herself, her circumstances and her life so I just stopped her. I told her that they were all lies from the enemy about who she was a daughter of the King and I told her she could leave work today shameless, blameless and washed clean if she truly wanted it. She told me that she didn’t think that it was possible. My heart broke for her because that is the biggest lie that is plaguing God’s people and she was believing it. She wanted to be right with God so bad. The blood of Jesus paid for her to live free! I grabbed her hand and we began to pray and in those following moments, Holy Spirit hit her and her headache left, her vision was restored and she was able to focus again!

I told her a little about my testimony and how I got be the way that I am because I am so in love with Jesus that it’s crazy. I am blessed to have these encounters in my daily life and I am honored to be used by our King.

What are your thoughts?