Feeling In Leg Restored

Today I got to pray for someone at my church that I serve alongside with. He had severe nerve damage to his right leg from a soccer accident 3 years ago. He literally could not feel anything from his kneecaps down to his toes and has learned to live and walk with it every day. I began to talk to him about what God has been doing in my life and a little about my testimony but I made it very clear who God is and how real He wants to be in his life.

I began to tell him how much Jesus loves him and how God wanted to heal all the damage that was done to his leg. I prayed over him thanking God for a brand new leg, new nerves, new tendons and commanded his leg to obey the will of the Lord. Moments later, he could feel part of his foot for the first time! We continued to pray just thanking God for a complete and finished work and that he would be able to feel everything from his knee cap down to the tip of his toes. I began to squeeze his legs and his feet and he could feel it! All of it! Both legs felt the same! He stood up and didn’t know how to walk on it! He had not felt anything for so long that it was so foreign to him.

For the first time in 3 years, this young man was able to feel his leg again and I believe that God is restoring more and more of his leg as the day goes on!

God is simply amazing!

What are your thoughts?