Leg Completely Healed

I was on my way home from a meeting on Saturday night when I had to stop at the gas station to use the restroom. I walk past the cashier on my way out of the gas station and noticed that he was resting on the counter using his elbow while standing. I had thought that he was just relaxing while waiting on customers as it was 11:00 PM at night and there isn’t much going on.

I walk out the door and God tells me that this man’s leg is in severe pain and that is why he is leaning. It wasn’t to relax but to compensate. I almost reach for my door handle when I turn around and I walk back inside to strike up a conversation with him. I said “Do you have any pain in your leg?” and he said “Yes”. I told him that Jesus was going to heal him if he let me pray over him. I grabbed his hand and just began to thank Jesus for a brand new leg and commanded all the pain to leave. I asked him how he felt and he said the pain was gone!

People are all around us and we just have to answer the call!

Thank you, Jesus, for healing this man’s leg!

What are your thoughts?