Full Body Pain Healed

I was sitting at my desk when I heard the front office staff mention that a car had slipped gear and lightly collided with a semi truck in our driveway. All of this was under 5MPH so nobody was hurt. I got up from my desk and walked outside to a man who was upset and frustrated about his car falling apart. I helped him push his car out of the way of the truck lane. The truck driver didn’t have any damage but the driver of the car had a massive transmission issue and a radiator leak. There was fluid all over the ground. I helped him get in touch with AAA and noticed that he had a Handicap sign in the windshield.

As we waited on AAA to arrive, he couldn’t help but try to express how badly he wanted to work and how he can’t stand the negativity some of this “young generation” has toward hard work. I told him that I completely understood where he was coming from and I also feel that we have a generation that needs to wake up and know what hard work looks like. He began to tell me that he works every day with pain all throughout his body.

this is where Jesus steps in!

I told him that Jesus would take his pain away from his entire body if he let me pray over him. He didn’t hesitate. He believed in God! I prayed for him and commanded all the pain in his arms, legs, chest, neck and shoulders to leave in the name of Jesus and ALL of the pain in his body left him! From his head to his feet!

Jesus is amazing!

What are your thoughts?