Back Healed and Financial Release

I had the pleasure of praying over one of my co-workers last Friday. She had extreme back pain that hurt even when sitting still. She also mentioned her family was having some issues with insurance being stripped away because the husband is currently on disability. Never should have happened but it did. They had just shelled out cash for a doctors appointment for her back and they were fearful she may have to take on the cost of an MRI. For those that don’t know, MRI’s are very expensive without insurance.

I pulled her aside and told her what God had been doing in my life and that Jesus loved her. I prayed over her back and it got healed! She could bend down, touch her toes and it wasn’t nearly as painful! I then began to pray that God would release supernatural financial freedom over their family.

Later that afternoon she made a phone call and got the money back from the visit she had paid cash for and they restored insurance to the family as if it never lapsed.

Jesus is awesome!

What are your thoughts?