ACL Restored and Back Pain Gone

My wife and I were walking around Marshall’s last night, after a wonderful date, when God pointed out a young lady who had a brace on her leg. He told me He was going to heal her and wanted me to pray for her. I’m in my typical prayer state, being oblivious to what was going on around me, when my wife told me that they had just left the store to enter the mall when I was prepared to approach her.

I chased this young girl and her sister all the way to a shoe store on the other side of the mall! For having a brace she was fast, or I was just entirely out of shape. I approached both of them and told this young lady who I was and that Jesus was going to heal her. I asked what was going on with her leg and her sister said that she had torn her ACL while on a trampoline. The brace was the aluminum kind that is fixed so she was not able to move her leg at all. I told her how much Jesus loved her and that the ACL was going to get restored because He thought she was amazing! I put my hand on her knee and began to thank Jesus for a restored ACL and felt God moving in her knee.

These types of healings are hard because you can’t really test them right on the spot. Her knee was totally braced stiff but I knew that Jesus wanted to reveal himself to her regardless of an untestable leg. He reminded me of a moment when I saw she was holding onto her back while walking around Marshall’s. I asked her about her back and she said that her backpack was causing her pain and it made it hard to walk.  I asked for her hand and commanded the pain to leave her back in the name of Jesus and she just smiled! The pain left her back! Totally gone!

She didn’t know exactly what had happened but I told her that I believed her ACL was healed because Jesus loved her so much and that if she could do anything when she got home to test out her leg, to do so. I trust that her next x-ray will show a restored ACL because Jesus never leaves His work unfinished.

What are your thoughts?