Carpal Tunnel Healed

I had a wonderful meeting with a good friend of mine yesterday at “Daily Grind” in New Philadelphia. We talked for a long time about what God is doing in our lives and in the Church. I went up the front counter to get a bottle of water and God told me that the young lady near the coffee maker was having pain on her right side and wanted me to pray for her. I got one of the waitresses to get her attention and asked her if she was having any pain with her right leg (It’s what I felt might have been the problem) and she replied: “No, but I am having pain in my right wrist”.

I began to tell her how much Jesus loved her and how he wanted to heal her and take the pain away from her wrist if we prayed. She said “Yes” to prayer so I began to just thank Jesus for a new wrist when God told me that it was “Carpal Tunnel” starting to set in. I began to pray against the “Carpal Tunnel” and told it to let go of her in the name of Jesus Christ and the pain left! When the pain left, I told her “Jesus Christ is the one who healed you and He loves you so much, do you know that?”. Her response is the very reason I do what I do. She told me “No”. She now has heard the name “Jesus” and was personally touched by Him. I pray that she seeks Him with all her heart!

God then told me she was an artist, so I looked at her and said “You love art don’t you?” and she said “Yes I do!” and then God told me she painted, so I follow up with “You paint don’t you?” and she said “Yes!”. God released new artwork over her and beautifully vivid paintings that only she can do. I can’t wait to see what Jesus is going to do with this young woman.

What are your thoughts?