A Mans Bullet Removed

I drove into Wendy’s parking lot for lunch today and God points out this man riding a lawn mower and says “I want you to pray for that man”. He had a partner working with him so I just began asking God how to navigate the situation. I asked God to reveal to me how to approach this man on the lawnmower. I was getting into the drive-thru line and God says “It’s a hot day outside, buy them some water”. I thought that was a great idea! I pulled around to the front of our Wendy’s, which is a gas station combo, and picked up the biggest waters that I could find and paid for them. I walked outside and this man and his partner were standing near their truck.

God told me that his partner was his boss so I walked up to the boss and honored him first by offering him his water. He thanked me and then just started to explain to me that they were almost done working on the grass and finished up the yard on the far side and only had this small patch of grass left to mow up front. I could tell that he thought I worked for the gas station at this point. I told him he did a great job but I didn’t work for the gas station but I wanted him to know that Jesus loved him so much and that He wanted me to give them both some water on this hot day.

I asked the boss if I could stop the other man from mowing and pray for him and he said “yes” so I called out to the man and met him by the mower and offered him his water. He didn’t make much eye contact but said “oh you can just lay that down there on the truck bed” and before he could get back to work, I said “Hey! Jesus loves you so much and He wants me to tell you that you are amazing!”. He stopped the mower and thanked me and began the motions of turning the mower back on and then I said that I saw him limping while I was getting the water and I asked him what that was about. He said that he was shot in the leg with a gun and had a lot of pain. I told him that God loved him so much and He was going to heal his leg if we prayed. I asked permission to pray for him. He said “yes” so I got down and put my hand on his leg and began to just thank Jesus for a new leg, a new knee and commanded the pain to go away in Jesus name. I told him to check it out and see if anything had changed and I asked him how he felt and he said: “I feel good, I don’t feel pain anymore”. I was so excited at this point but I could tell it wasn’t 100% healed yet. I then told him that 60% or 70% healed isn’t how God works and that God was going to restore his leg 100% if we prayed again. So we bent down to pray. God told me the bullet was still inside his leg so I looked up at him and said “The bullet is still in there, isn’t it” and he said “yes”. I said, “That’s awesome because God is going to remove the bullet from your leg and remove all the pain it’s causing you”. We began to pray again “God thank you for a new leg, a new knee and I command the bullet in his leg to go away in the name of Jesus”. After a few minutes, the bullet (we both believe) is gone and this man is without pain! He was standing on it and stretching! His exact words were “I have no pain, it feels good, I can work again!”

This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see what God will do next.

What are your thoughts?