Drive-Thru Miracle

I had stopped by a fast food restaurant last week to grab a bite to eat. I place my order at the drive-thru and as I was rounding the corner to the window, God told me that this person had pain in their wrist and He wanted to heal them. I approach the window and hand my card to the lady and I asked her if she had pain in her wrist. She looked taken back for a moment while softly saying “yes”, so I just asked her what caused the pain.

She transparently told me that it had been hurt and has been hurting due to childhood abuse when she was younger. My heart sank but I let this girl know how much she is loved by Jesus and that if I prayed for her, her wrist would be restored and pain wouldn’t be there anymore. She agreed to prayer and I just thanked Jesus for loving her and touching her wrist. The whole prayer took maybe 15 seconds. I asked her if the pain was gone and she said “yes” with a look of complete shock as I was forced to drive to the next window and get my food.

I call this “drive-by lovin”

I came back to this place today and used the drive-thru again and I was met by the same lady at the window I prayed for last week! I got really excited. She was smiling ear to ear before she even opened the window. I handed her my card, she kind of recognized me so I asked her how her wrist was and as she put the pieces together, she said it was totally fine and has not had any pain since I prayed for her!

God is amazing!

What are your thoughts?